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Description Check out Smart Recorder Lite for a free version of this product. If you like this product, check out the new Mac Smart Recorder at *** Note that the "Memory Low" message has no impact on the operation of the program. It is simply a warning that your memory may be low. I'll likely either remove it or change it to come up less often in the next version. *** Smart Recorder is the ultimate time based note taking tool for the iPhone or iPad. It allows the typing of textual notes as time based tags while recording. During playback, you can change the speed to quickly skim through less interesting pieces of a meeting. After you are done, you can use to archive your session or transfer it to another device. •Time based tags allow you to quickly jump back to important portions of a recording. •Take pictures while recording on the iPhone. The pictures are stamped with the time in the recording at which they were taken. •If you turn the phone upside down to get better reception for the microphone, then screen will rotate. •Auto pause suspends recording when there is no sound. Recording starts again when talking resumes—perfect for conference room meetings. •Multi speed playback allows you to skim uninteresting conversations quickly. •A forward arrow skips 30 seconds of the recording. •A back button allows you to repeat the last 30 seconds of the recording. •You can append to existing recordings. •You can record while the phone is in sleep mode. •A slider allows you to quickly navigate to any part of a long recording. •You can even tap on the recording time and enter a numeric time at which you want to playback from. •Smart Recorder provides five methods to transfer sessions back to your computer. First, there is WiFi sync. Your iPhone becomes an HTTP server and you simply point your web browser to the address given by your phone and save the recordings (and page with your tags) using the browser. Second, Smart Recorder supports SyncDocs. If you download and install SyncDocs, then you can use it to save all the files related to your session. Third, you can upload the pictures to If you have never used, Smart Recorder can set you up with a free account. This account will allow uploading of recordings of 25MB (or almost 5 minutes). If you upgrade your account, then you can upload recordings of up to 1GB or over three hours. Fourth, you can upload to Dropbox. Finally, you can email your recordings. •For any export method, Smart Recorder converts files to a desired format (WAV,AAC,CAF,...) and a desired sampling rate (8000,22050,44100). Smart recorder provides a rich set of system settings to control its behavior: •There is a setting that controls the number of seconds the forward and back buttons move you if 30 seconds is not appropriate. •The sampling rate can be set anywhere between 8000-44,100Hz. A lower sampling rate saves disk space while a higher rate gives better audio quality. •You can set the noise (or quietness) threshold at which auto pause activates. •There are many other settings as well. See the program’s help section for more details. Note that the iPod Touch (2nd Generation) requires an external microphone.