Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Chillingo Ltd
Price $1.00
Description In a nail-biting combination of tactical line-drawing and offensive attacks, manage the survivors from a top-down view, guiding them toward their rescue helicopters while eliminating the zombie onslaught with a combination of clever diversions and permanent destruction. -- PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT -- Welcome to the Zombie Escape experience! We hope that your stay with us will be pleasant. We ask that you await your helicopter, which will be coming to rescue you shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy the horde of zombies that is swiftly approaching your position. We do ask that you not feed the zombies, as this will only encourage them. We strongly recommend that you use all the tools at your disposal to guide survivors to waiting escape helicopters ... before the zombies eat them. Please make use of the provided raw meat, bombs, sniper rifles, and other weapons. Thank you for your attention! FAST AND FEARSOME GAMEPLAY Find fun and creative ways to distract the undead long enough to get those survivors out of there – or watch on helplessly as the eating of brains begins! A WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC It seems that nowhere is safe! Make your way between three different zones (Downtown, Airport and Forest), covering 28 days (levels) of catastrophic mayhem in total! Add to that four different types of brain-hungry zombie attackers, and it becomes clear that you’ll need to come prepared to do some damage! Thankfully, there’s plenty of special weapons to help you get the job done: with abilities including sniper, bomb, SOS helicopters, sleeping gas, raw meat, Safe Zones and a couple of secret weapons, there’s no end of firepower at your disposal! CONQUER THE APOCALYPSE With both Campaign and Survival modes available, there’s literally an endless supply of slavering zombies to sink your teeth into – or possibly, to sink their teeth into you! Put your survival skills to the test, and earn special Achievements. And when your skills are as lethal as they get, take it all online, and compete for top position in the fully-integrated Crystal leaderboards! Because what’s the point of conquering the apocalypse if you can’t brag to your friends? -- THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TAKE ALL OF YOUR BODY PARTS WITH YOU BEFORE EXITING THE BUILDING. -- "Zombie Escape should be the zombie game on your mind! ... Zombie Escape has amazing graphics and sounds...with realistic features... I cannot wait" – AppModo "Probably my favorite game of the show ... definitely worth a look" – "The game controls as smooth as could be, and it’s the most action I’ve experienced in the path-drawing genre" – AppAdvice

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