Current Version Version: 4.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Xin Zhao
Price $3.00
Description iSpreadsheet™ - by SavySoda™
☆take your spreadsheets anywhere☆

iSpreadsheet is the only fully featured iPhone spreadsheet application with:

☆ Google Documents integration
☆ Smooth, crystal clear graphics
☆ Compatibility with all major spreadsheet applications (Excel, Numbers, Open Office, Google Docs)

Like carrying Excel on your mobile. You can now access your most important documents online or offline.

★ Google Docs Integration
★ Manage both online and offline worksheets
★ Email Spreadsheet as Attachment
★ Portrait & Wide-screen Landscape view
★ Load .XLS and .CSV files from Google Documents. (without formatting)
★ Save in .CSV format (RFC 4180 compliant)
★ Manage multiple Spreadsheets
★ Execute complex arithmetic formulas
★ Execute logic formulas (if)
★ Access a useful subset of other Excel formulas
★ Unlimited file Size, unlimited Rows, up to 26 Columns
★ Cell Formatting
★ Column Resizing
★ Clipboard Copy Paste
★ Column Row Insert
★ Progressive Loading
★ Fluid Graphics
★ Familiar Interface
★ Online help
★ Offline formula wizard
★ Context Aware Toolbar
★ Autosave & Recovery
★ Free Updates

iSpreadsheet is designed for ease of use on the iPhone. Scroll the spreadsheet by flicking and dragging. Make changes directly to any cell by tapping.

★ Access your most important documents anywhere
★ Backup and synchronise spreadsheets to your computer
★ Budgeting
★ Shoppings Lists
★ Inventory
★ Financial Reports
★ Mathematical Models
★ Storing Password Hints & Reminders
★ Many More

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