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Price $5.00
Description TapIt4Me is a text expander for iPhone or iPod Touch.
As used by the New York Times tech columnist, David Pogue.

*******Best of Show at Macworld 2009 - MacTech/Macsimum news*******
*******Best of Show at Macworld 2009 -*******

NB TapIt4Me will NOT work to send SMS nor to expand text directly in Safari or other apps.

HOWEVER, with iPhone OS 3.0, text typed within TapIt4Me can easily be copied and pasted into any other app, thus greatly enhancing the usefulness of text expansion.

Use TapIt4Me to save time when typing notes, tweets or emails on your iPhone (or iPod Touch). How? By typing shortcuts for frequently used words or phrases, called 'snippets'.

Want to type Best regards? just type 'br' and let TapIt4Me expand it to 'Best regards'.

You can, of course, create your own shortcuts right on the mobile device, but if you happen to use TypeIt4Me or TextExpander(TM), you'll be glad to know that TapIt4Me can directly download their snippet files from any web server (including your own Mac or PC if they are on the same wi-fi network as your iPhone or Touch) or even your MobileMe iDisk.

A Microsoft Word macro is also available on request to convert your autotext/autocorrect entries to TypeIt4Me format ready for use with TapIt4Me.

To email, launch TapIt4Me, compose your text using your shortcuts for speed and accuracy then select Mail from the action menu.

To reply to an email, click reply in Apple's Mail app then press the home button and launch TapIt4Me. When your reply is ready, select Mail from the action menu: your reply will appear right where it should go in Apple's Mail app ready for you to tap Send.

For extra comfort, rotate your device and enjoy full landscape typing.

User Twitter? Tweet at the speed of light by using text expansion within TapIt4Me and choosing Tweet when your text is ready to go.