Current Version Version: 2.2.0
Author Christopher Ostmo
Price $5.00
Description Time tracking, logging and reporting the way it should be -- quick & easy. Rated "Best Time Tracker" by Macworld Magazine: "TimeLogger impressed me at once with its user friendliness... A solid app for professionals who value their time and their money." TimeLogger is a powerful, yet simple to use time tracking tool. We are guessing that you hate having to track and account for your time as much as we do. It's a pain in the rear, but unfortunately, most of us don't get paid if we don't do it. TimeLogger was designed from the ground-up to make time tracking as easy at it can possibly be, while offering a level of flexibility that make it the perfect time tracking tool for nearly everyone. In other words, TimeLogger has a ridiculous number of features, options and settings to make the tedious task of recording time as easy as possible, while being as detailed as you need for it to be. The depth of configuration options make the day-to-day use of TimeLogger very simple. The TimeLogger User Guide provides the gory details about all that TimeLogger has to offer. The User Guide is available within the app, or you can download it from our web site: Click "TimeLogger" Some key features (not a comprehensive list): ✪ Start a timer when you begin a task and stop it when you're done. Simple. ✪ Do you find that typing notes on the tiny iPhone keyboard is cumbersome? Not a problem! TimeLogger can record audio notes (available on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th generation and all iPad models). Recorded audio notes can be copied to your computer and played in iTunes (in addition to being playable within TimeLogger). ✪ Set defaults for client, task and job to quickly record common tasks. ✪ Pause, resume, restart and duplicate timers -- many ways to greatly improve the ease of tracking your time. ✪ Setup automatic deductions from your work day, such as lunch, so that you don't have to remember to stop, start or restart regular events that shouldn't appear in your time reports. ✪ Email report results to yourself in plain, human-readable text or as a CSV file. Emailed CSV can be opened in Excel (or the spreadsheet program of your choice) directly from your computer. ✪ Configure CSV output to match your exact needs, or those of your accountants. ✪ Forget to start or stop a timer? No problem, set the start or stop time to any time. ✪ Have as many timers started as you want. ✪ Don't care for TimeLogger's use of the words "Category," "Client," "Job," "Deductions" or "Notes"? All of those things can be renamed inside of the app so your information can be organized exactly how you like. ✪ Go back to any set timer and change any information associated with it. ✪ Provide feedback, request technical support or submit a feature request to us easily from within the app. ✪ Set the time pickers to desired intervals (1, 5, 6, 10, 15 or 30 minutes) to meet your specific time tracking needs. ✪ Safely backup and recover your data directly through iTunes ✪ Too many features to list here. Check out the User Guide that is available at our web site. There are lots of ways to get more information and to take part in making TimeLogger even better: Our web site: Twitter: Discussion: Be sure to stop by our web site to download the User Guide, check out our other apps, request pre-sales information or request technical support.

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