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Description With vTie Premium you get a whole set of tie knot instructions from Windsor, Pratt, Onassis, Oriental to Bow Tie. For the perfect touch vTie Premium also contains the pocket square - one corner instructions! And all of this works everywhere, no online connection necessary. vTie Premium features: - Preview icon for each list item - Switch to show images mirrored - iPhone 4 retina display support - iPad portrait and landscape mode support - Step-by-Step illustrations and descriptions - Every knot contains additional information and a selection of collars that fit best with the knot - Easy to use and with a hands-free play function - The step speed can be adjusted between 3 and 8 seconds per step vTie Premium contains 15 knots and a pocket square instruction: - Four-In-Hand - Half Windsor Knot - Windsor Knot - Victoria Knot - Double Tie Knot - Pratt Knot - Nicky Knot - St. Andrew Knot - The Bow Tie - Oriental Knot - The Onassis - Atlantic Knot - The Italian Knot - Diagonal-Right Knot - Merovingian Knot - Pocket square one corner If you want to see vTie in action for free, please have a look at the vTie standard edition. Have more fun with your (bow) tie!