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Description Access company profile information for over 11 million companies and executive profiles with SkyData for Jigsaw. SkyData and Jigsaw have joined forces to provide fast access to the missing company and executive information you need while mobile. Best of all – it’s FREE!

With SkyData for Jigsaw, you can search Jigsaw’s comprehensive company database to find missing address and phone information, and examine executive profiles. From that record, you’re one click away from maps and directions, related news feeds and stock quotes about the company, accessing social networks profiles via LinkedIn, Google Search and Yelp! for nearby restaurants and hotels.

If you’re not currently part of the Jigsaw community, SkyData for Jigsaw is a great way to get started. Joining Jigsaw offers you full access to over 11M million contact records for you to buy and sell via the website. In our upcoming version 2 for SkyData for Jigsaw, you’ll be able to search and purchase new contact information from Jigsaw’s 15 million contact records from your iPhone.

If you use CRM systems such as or SugarCRM, you can upgrade to the complete SkyData mobile CRM solution that combines Jigsaw access with full mobile access to your CRM data.

-Company Search
-People Search
-Related News, LinkedIn profiles, Yelp! Reviews, Stock Quotes
-Maps and Directions

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-Access to Jigsaw’s Database has been expanded to include executive profiles
-One click access from SkyData to create a Jigsaw account