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Author Montessorium, LLC
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Description ★ Intro to Letters featured in the Apple iPad commercial, "iPad is Electric" and Apple's Best Apps of 2010! Learn to trace, read, write and record letter sounds, names, and phonograms, based on the proven methodology of Montessori. —— Created by a team of Montessori educators and parents, Intro to Letters is a unique and aesthetically-pleasing way to introduce your child to the world of language. There is a reason why Montessori is the most successful form of early childhood education on the planet. It works! YOUR CHILD WILL LEARN: ✔ Basic foundations of language ✔ To read, write and understand letters from a-z ✔ Lowercase letter symbols and their sounds (phonics) ✔ Phonograms - writing and pronunciation ✔ Capital letters - letter names, writing and pronunciation ✔ Consonants and vowels ✔ Fine motor skills Intro to Letters includes a special recording area for iPad and iPhone users, where your child can listen to their own voice, as they practice to enunciate and name the letters of the alphabet. Intro to Letters also offers two modes for learning letter shapes, names and sounds. "Random" mode harnesses the proven Montessori approach to learning language — isolating small groups of letters or phonograms, allowing your child to focus on them and trace them into memory. Want to target a specific letter? Flip over to "Practice" mode, where your child can choose which letters to focus on. We recommend that your child uses this app when they show an interest in language. —— For one price, Intro to Letters includes the following activities in a Universal app that will work on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch: ✔ LETTER SOUNDS (lowercase letters) The ambition of this activity is to learn the sounds of the letters and to unite these sounds by muscular and visual memory to their symbols. In Montessori, it is important to learn the sounds before the names of the letters, as this helps build a solid foundation for both writing and reading. ✔ PHONOGRAMS The English language is as magnificent as it is difficult and phonograms are no exception. The intention of this activity is to learn the sounds of the phonograms and then unite these with their symbols. ✔ FLASHCARDS Once an appreciation of the sounds of letters has been developed, we transition your child to the names of the letters. For Montessori, the abstract always follows the concrete. This activity includes a series of flashcards, connecting the sounds of the alphabet in lowercase letters, with the names of their uppercase counterparts. ✔ LETTER NAMES (capital letters) The objective of this activity is to acquire a knowledge of the names and symbols of the capital letters. Don't be surprised to find your child starting to identify letters on signs as you drive to school! ✔ SOUNDCARDS A special recording section to help your child learn sounds, phonograms and names. There's nothing quite like hearing your own voice. What better form of positive feedback? This section offers your child an opportunity to practice just that, the enunciation of letters, confirmed by playback. (Not compatible on the iPod Touch, due to lack of microphone) —— Buy this app today to help us create an entire suite of Montessori apps. Let us know what you think! We would love to hear from you; your support is most appreciated! Find us on Twitter & Facebook! ➜ ➜ Design & concept by Montessorium. Development by Appetizer Mobile. Translation development by YMedia Labs.

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