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Price $2.00
Description StoreIt is a simple and easy to use database tool built for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

StoreIt allows you use your iPhone to create, amend and populate table definitions to build a database for whatever you like.

- To Dos
- Expenses
- Mileage Logs
- Time Records
- Home Inventory
- Sales Information
- Journal
- Customer Database
- Online Access Details
- Running/Training Tracking
- Shopping Lists
- Record Collections
- Book Lists
- Gift Ideas
- Recipes
- Bill Management
- DVD and Movie Collections
- ...and just about anything else you can imagine.

Pre-built templates included for all of the above. Easy to use and customize. Or if you don't see what you want then create your own. No need for a separate database application for each task.


The key features of StoreIt include the following.

- Ability to create categories to store as many different types of information as you like.
- Create categories using pre-built templates, by copying existing categories or defining a new custom category.
- Multiple different field types including text, numbers, money, dates and times, checkmarks, notes and images.
- Fields can even include other categories enabling StoreIt to hold almost any type of structured data.
- Password protection available for categories containing private data.
- Automated links to appropriate iPhone applications when accessing email, web, telephone number and location formatted data.
- Create multiple views on your data which, as well as supporting different display, sort and summary values, includes the ability to filter the data displayed in each view.
- Full text search supported across all stored fields.
- Auto-completion for text fields enabling fast data entry for repetitive values, or define pick lists that enable you to specify a pre-defined list of values to choose from.
- Use the web browser on your desktop computer to link to StoreIt via your local Wi-Fi network connection.
- Import and export data via the StoreIt Link to text file format, enabling moving data from other apps or desktop databases held in programs such as Excel.
- Backup, restore and share information via StoreIt Link.

In addition to StoreIt, StoreIt Professional Edition is also available from the AppStore. Other features that are available in StoreItPro are:

- Support for specifying required fields that need to be filled in for a form to be completed.
- Constraints on numeric and date/time fields to ensure values are entered in the correct range.
- Create fields that are only displayed if conditions are met on earlier fields in the form.
- Calculated fields enable automatic filling in of values using the results of calculations on other fields.
- Calculations can be based on other calculated fields, enabling complex values to be generated
- Hidden fields allow partial results in calculations not to be shown.
- As well as field level calculations, aggregate operations such as count and total can be performed across nested records.
- Use links between categories to browse related categories, populate pick lists or auto-fill field values.

For a detailed comparison of the features available in both editions of StoreIt, visit our website: