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Price $3.00
Description PONGVADERS: two great arcade tastes that taste great together. * Music by NULLSLEEP ( * Pixels by Anna Anthropy ( Warning: asking strangers to play this game may create new friends. The alien forces have arrived, but why are they dancing? What are they shooting at you? What is that streak of mustard doing on your iPad? Get your friend to finish that hot-dog and prepare to defend humanity from over 10 waves of invaders who appear surprisingly coordinated to the music. You are each armed with a reflective paddle to defend your planet. Rebound enemy shots back to destroy the aliens. Yet take care – if one planet is destroyed, both will fly out of orbit and into oblivion. Volley shots between your paddles for a super-charged attack. Collect a variety of powerups, but first talk to your friend: your boost could cause their bust. You can even tilt the iPad to shift the pull of gravity! After you've beaten the game, try to unravel the scoring system and compete to top the leaderboards. But try not to feel too bad for those cute prancing aliens during your ball-bouncing rampage. iPAD OPTIMIZED GAME - Shared MULTIPLAYER experience only possible on a large touchscreen - HIGH DEFINITION retro graphics - Bouncing soundtrack by NULLSLEEP - Intuitive touch controls - no virtual d-pads in sight HIGHLY REPLAYABLE - 10 levels - Climactic boss fight - Variety of "powerups" which create new challenges - Compete online for the highest score -------------------- From Koduco Games, an independent studio focusing on new collaborative games. We’re helping people make new friends and memories one shared play at a time. Twitter: @koducogames