Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Grapph
Price $2.00
Description Twitran is full featured Twitter client with built-in translator. Unlike other Twitter client applications, Twitran allows not only read the Twitter world but also understand... Built in Google translate interface allows seamless translating from and to more than 50 languages. With Twitran translation feature you get a powerful tool for: - learning foreign language - communication with other cultures - receiving information from a source in an unbiased and truthful form - never miss important trends, public timeline or search results in unknown language Some other remarkable features include: - lets you view trends, search, and browse without actually having a Twitter account. - you can set and use unlimited Twitter accounts - translates also whole web sites located in the URL links in the tweets - you can write new tweet in your tongue language and publish it in foreign - rich set of features - simple and user friendly design

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