Current Version Version: 1.3.6
Author kyoobed, inc.
Price $4.00
Description A simple, personal time keeping application for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Introducing ClockedIn, a simple to use, personal time tracking application for the iPhone and iPod touch. It allows you to track the amount of time you spend on different projects and activities with ease, using its simple timer. With ClockedIn you can be accurate and productive. And, best of all, you'll be sure you didn't miss out on any billable time.

It's personal. ClockedIn helps you keep track of the time you spend on different tasks as you accomplish your goals. It gives you just that little bit of extra help to keep you accurate and up-to-date. It doesn't do invoicing or billing because you already have other systems to manage those complex processes.

It's simple. ClockedIn is designed to provide just the functions you'll need to track and report on one or multiple projects. You just start the timer when you begin a task. Assign the task to a project. Then stop the timer when you finish the task. The amount of time spent on the task is saved and accumulated. You can review it later by day or project. You will enjoy its easy-to-read timer display and easy-to-understand reporting.

In addition, ClockedIn provides graphical views of your activity, which are designed to help you understand where you're spending your time.

While ClockedIn was created with the contract professional or freelance worker in mind, it can be used by anyone who wants to track the time spent on the things they do in their busy lives.

ClockedIn features:

A simple, easy to use timer.
· One button starts and stops the timer.
· The timer displays the elapsed time, start time, project name and project activity.
· Projects and activities can easily be assigned from the timer view.

Tracks tasks by day.
· Visual representation of how you spent your day.
· View task details.
· Edit task details, including task start and end time.
· View total time spent on all tasks for the day.
· Add historical tasks.
· E-mail task totals for the day.
· Activity totals can also be viewed by week and month.

Tracks project totals.
· Review the total time spent by project.
· Totals can be calculated by user defined begin and end dates.
· Project totals include subtotals by activity.
· E-mail project totals.

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