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Description Picplz is a fun and social way to share your life through photos. Picplz lets you style your photos with free photo effects and quickly share them with your friends and followers. Use picplz to share photos on your favorite blog, Twitter, or Facebook. Edit Your Photos Crop, Rotate, Meme, Draw, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Colors, Text, Redeye, Blemish, Whiten, Blur, Sharpen, and Flip. All the editing tools are provided using the fantastic photo technology from Aviary. Photo editing available on iOS 4.3 and up. Style & Re-Style Your Photos With Picplz you can style your photos using our free photo filters. Our current filter pack includes great effects like "Instant Film" effect, "Russian Toy Camera", "The 70s", & "High Contrast Monochrome". We always keep a copy of the Original Image so you can switch filters and go back to the original at any time, no problem! Quick and Simple Sharing! Link your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, and Foursquare accounts to easily share your styled photos with your friends and followers. Add Location to Your Photos (optional) Picplz lets you add your location to each photo. Choose from places near you like restaurants, sports venues, concerts, and more. Social Experience View your photos feeds. Comment and Like other great pics on Discover new people and great photos! + 100% FREE photo filters. + Style your pics with filters to give your photos vintage 70s, Monochrome black & white, Hipstamatic Russian toy camera, cross processing, and instant film effects and more. + Share your photos on your blog and your Facebook account. (optional) + Check in on foursquare when you post your photo. (optional) + Add your location. (optional) + Seamless & FAST uploading. + No waiting. Photos upload in the background allowing you to take photos without waiting for them to upload. + High quality photo option. Choose faster uploads vs. higher picture quality options. + Customizable sharing options make sharing photos simple. + Photos taken with picplz are posted to your profile on and tagged with your location (when available). Services currently supported: +Facebook +Twitter +Flickr +Tumblr +Posterous +Foursquare +Dropbox Current effects pack includes: +Russian Toy Camera +The 70s +Little Plastic Lens (Black & White) +High Contrast Monochrome (Black & White) +Cross Process +C-41 +Redscale +Instant Film (Polaroid effect) +Enhanced Definition Share your life in style, as it happens, where it happens.