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Price $3.00
Description ** As a response to the MacWorld and other reviews we have reduced the price and will be rolling out new functionality shortly. Please feel free to provide useful feedback and feature requests for the next and future releases.

** Thanks for all the feedback -- please see the manual on our website for more details specifically on Groups integration.

Do you want to use your iPhone and your Contacts database to help you stay in touch with your colleagues, family and friends?

Do you have trouble finding that person or company in an ever increasing contacts database?

inTouch is a powerful alternative to the iPhone Contacts app designed to help you make more of the value locked-up in your contacts database and recognizing the desire to make your iPhone work harder for you.

➤ We show your contacts in 5 ways to help you navigate, all contacts, people, people by organization, people by city and organizations.

➤ We provide searching over a wide range of fields so your results are now as good as your data.

➤ Attractive and intuitive color coded interface for the different types of information in front of you.

➤ We have added new structures to support the wider networking experience, specifically activities and events. Events create calendar objects that can be mailed to your contacts, groups and activity members.

➤ The home page summarizes your up and coming birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.

➤ Contacts can be maintained, emailed and vCards sent. Emailing is by individual, entire groups and activities without the need for leaving inTouch.

➤ Support for backup and restore of the inTouch backing database to your Mac or PC.

Activities behave in a similar way to Groups except they are held within inTouch. They are intended to be used to create “interest” areas and to allow the classification of contacts. Examples might be ‘Golf Players’, ‘Financiers’. As with groups it is possible to send emails to members of an activity.

Events are used to create calendar events that are maintained by inTouch and these Events are made up of contacts, groups and activities. So, for instance you might set up a ‘Golf Tournament’ for some individual contacts and all your contacts you have put into the ‘Less than 9 Handicap Activity’. Calendar iCal objects can be sent to the members of an Event inviting them to your organized event.