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Description IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE UPDATING THIS APP, BE SURE TO UPLOAD DATA TO THE SITE PRIOR. Data not uploaded first could be lost.

TimeXchange is the full featured mobile companion to – the social utility where workers, administrators, managers, and clients connect with each other to manage project time reporting relationships.

TimeXchange is designed just for workers and lets you easily capture your time and upload it to your personal account. It has everything you need and nothing you don't. Simply login to TimeXchange and click "Update" to make all your projects and tasks available on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Pick a project and start entering time. TimeXchange knows everything about your projects from project type (timesheet or timecard) to the proper task list to use for each project. Just pick a project and TimeXchamge will prompt for the right entries for that project.
When you're done entering time, just upload those entries and TimeXchange will post them to your account where they are ready for editing, or submission for approval. It's that easy.

TimeXchange users will get updates and additional features included with a subscription.

TimeXchange does require an account on To get a free account, go to .

What's New In This Version :
- More detail provided on the list of time entries.
- The ability to store partial entries as a timer to be completed when the task is finished.
- Check Marks indicate records ready to upload.
- X Marks indicate records with incomplete information.
- TimeXchange only uploads records with Check Marks and holds onto incomplete enries.