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Price $1.00
Description net4mac is a social network, an online service
built exclusively for Mac users! It allows you to access your messages on the go and view the most recent profiles.


net4mac is a powerful internet service that allows
you to make new friends sharing the same passion
for the Mac platform, build new professional
relationships, create groups of interests and much more!

The application is designed for Mac users.
If you have a PC with Windows, this application
is not for you. Sorry about that. It's because we want
to keep the community with real Mac users.


Before to buy and use this application, you need
to download on your main computer the Mac OS X
version and create an account.
The Mac version of the net4mac application is free
and will always remain free.

1. Go to on your Mac with your web browser

2. Download the free Mac version and install it.

3. Launch it and click on Create an account button.

4. Create your profile.

5. Return to the appStore and buy this application.

6. Sync your iPhone or iPod touch with iTunes

7. You will now be able to connect to your net4mac
account directly from your iPhone or iPod touch!


All updates of the iPhone/iPod version are free
and we are listening to our customers.
Send us your ideas to improve net4mac

You can also visit to discover
more applications.