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Price Free
Description CamControl for iPhone is an operation and alarm verification CCTV software for iPhone iPod touch and iPad. The software enables live video transmission of a practically unlimited number of HeiTel video recording and transmission systems as well as the remote evaluation of the local video archives. Apart from that the software offers remote control of PTZ and dome cameras and relays. The HeiTel own, particularly effective picture compression (HTcompress) provides high frame rates, also at low bandwidths. - Live video transmission, camera switching and 4-step adjustment of image quality for higher frame rate. - Video archive evaluation with search criteria (date, time or event) - Transmission of up to 12 fps - Communication: with iPhone using UMTS/3G, HSDPA, W-CDMA, WLAN and with iPod touch using WLAN connection - Remote control of PTZ systems (pan, tilt, zoom) - Remote control of relays (e.g. lights, barriers, doors) - Digital Zoom with IP cameras - Arming/Disarming of HeiTel video systems - Adding, altering and deletion of transmitter list entries - Simple installation and intuitive operation - Portrait and landscape mode - Free updates - Coming alarming feature (expected release Q3 2011) Note: this software is available free of charge until 31. Dec. 2011.