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Description Yay! We've been featured in Glenn Fleishman's new book: "Five Star Apps" - Peachpit Press ( Flickr Studio brings all the goodness from photo community site to your Apple iPad - in one beautifully designed app. Created solely for the iPad platform, Flickr Studio makes optimal use of the hi-res iPad screen for displaying Flickr photos and videos in all their glory! IT'S TIME TO TOUCH YOUR PHOTOS… All your Flickr photos and videos, one smart app. No more copying or syncing thousands of photos to your iPad, you'll have them all available instantly. Flickr studio let's you browse freely through your stream, photo sets, collections, groups, tags or let's you search them with the power search - it's fast and it's easy! … AND EVERYONE ELSE'S But Flickr Studio is not just YOUR full photo collection. It's everyone else's as well - use it to list and view photos from your contacts, or any Flickr user for that matter - Even the Flickr community in general. View the daily "Explore 500", the weekly "Hot Tags" or find and browse any group on Flickr. Browse some photographic history in "The Commons" or simply search all of Flickr with "Power Search". There's just so much to explore! DRILL DOWN Found a cool photo? Quickly view all photos that are in the same set. Or in the same group. Or with the same tags. Or by the same author. The possibilities to browse and discover are endless. NO NEED TO HAVE A FLICKR ACCOUNT A Flickr account is only needed for the "You" and "Contacts" sections - You can use the "explore " and "world" functionality without an account. TRAVEL THE WORLD... IN PHOTOS The world is a big place and with Flickr Studio you can visit every square mile of it. Move around on the world map, pinch, zoom, and instantly find photos for that area, straight from the enormous archive of geo-tagged photos on Flickr. INTERACT... Found a great photo that you want to add to your favorites? Simply tap the star button! Want to add a comment? Quick and easy in Flickr Studio! Interested in what camera settings were used for a photo? Open the EXIF window! And lastly there's the download and e-mail action buttons to get more out of photos! With Flickr Studio you can enjoy all those things that make Flickr your favorite photo site, in a highly intelligent touchscreen interface that is exclusively designed for iPad. Some of the killer features: + Browse your (and everyone else's) photos, videos, sets, collections, groups and tags. + Display results in a list-, grid- or map view. + Swipe through photos while instantly viewing info like title, location, description, comments and more. + Or go big in the "full screen browsing mode". + View original of a photo (when available) for ultimate zooming! + Smart preloading of photos, minimizing wait times when swiping through photos. + Full video support + Digital photo frame - display photos from your stream, contacts, favorites or explore. + List your contacts and glance at everyone's latest uploads. + Find any Flickr user by user name or e-mail address. + Explore the daily top 500 and get inpired. + Find out what many people are shooting in the weekly "hot tags" or see the most recent uploads to Flickr. + The commons. The hidden treasures in the world's public photography archives ! + Move and zoom around on a world map, automatically showing Flickr content for that geographic location! We have many plans for the future, check out the Flickr Studio website: …or follow us on Twitter: Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or a problem with the app: Flickr is a trademark of Yahoo! - Yahoo! Inc does not endorse nor sponsor this application and Keeple, the cre