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Description ***************************************** IMPORTANT UPDATE - 9/15/10 - A bug in Outpost 2 prevents certain users from logging in via their username and password; however, you can still login by using your token. A fix for this is being submitted to Apple for review today and should be available for download by Friday 9/24/10 the latest. ***************************************** If you use Basecamp®, you use it because you want to be productive. You use it because you want a simple solution to what once was a big problem for you. Now, you can use Basecamp® on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad just as you've always wanted to. You can be more productive than ever before with the help of Outpost 2. Outpost 2 is by far the most complete Basecamp® client around for your iOS devices. You can do just about anything that you can do from the regular Basecamp® website; except now it's optimized 100% for your iOS device. ----------------------- Features ----------------------- Full iPad and iPhone 4 support (Universal Binary) Amazing iPad User Interface Full Offline Support - Access your projects and information from ANYWHERE without the need to worry about your network connection. Brand New Calendar View - View your project the way you view your schedule. See milestones, ToDos and everything all on a beautiful calendar and get a better idea of your project's progress. Multi-Account Support - If you're like us, you use a lot of Basecamp accounts. Use them all with Outpost 2. Message Support - Write new messages, read others and comment all from within the app. You can even view/add attachments directly from the app! ToDo Support - Full ToDo support has been added with the ability to view/edit/delete lists, mark ToDos as done/undone, add/edit/delete ToDos and even assign them to specific people. Time Support - Record and view time entries directly from the app. Milestone Support - View, mark completed or create new ones. Contacts - View your contacts and even integrate them with your Address Book contacts. ----------------------- Outpost 2's History ----------------------- Outpost 2 is the culmination of over a year's worth of work since Groundwork 1.0 was introduced to the AppStore in late 2008. Groundwork and Outpost were the first two Basecamp® applications to be released to the AppStore and they did well to compete against each other. However, we always admired Outpost's beautiful UI and fantastic UX. After feeling like we could do better, we went back to the drawing board and after a few months, Groundwork 2.0 was born. A completely re-designed and re-developed version. We were proud and users were happy. It was great, but we wanted more and so did our users. We wanted Groundwork 3 to be huge. The iPad was released and it was our chance to make a big splash...but how? Well, it just so happens that David Kaneda of Morfunk (the developer behind Outpost 1.0) worked across the street from us in Palo Alto. We met up with him and after a few coffee dates we decided that Groundwork 3.0 should be reborn as Outpost 2.0.