Current Version Version: 0.8i
Author gWhiz, LLC
Price Free
Description Life can be hectic. Finding the time to learn, whether as part of an educational program or just for personal enrichment, is becoming increasingly difficult. With jam-packed schedules, even finding a minute to unwind is often impossible. But with gFlash+ you can learn anything from math to chemistry to music, study for a professional certification, or take a minute to relax and enjoy some trivia; anywhere and anytime. --- FEATURES --- - create flashcards and share them with friends using any two column Google Spreadsheet - download cardsets from the gWhiz Catalog or your Google account - study a cardset or take a quiz to test your knowledge - auto-shuffle cards on subsequent passes with a focus on the ones you missed - randomly generate multiple choice answers (great for language learning) - assign several unique multiple choice answers to each question (if you're cramming for the SAT!) - view one side of a flashcard or both sides simultaneously - have flashcards with images, foreign language characters, and customize text (e.g., font size, bold) with HTML! - hide or show the score panel gFlash+ is the most popular flashcard application in the iTunes AppStore! Our customers have provided tremendous flashcard content and product feedback that has helped us improve gFlash+. Thanks for your feedback! --- RELEASE NOTES --- - gFlash+ is a free application that includes small banner advertisements. - An active wireless connection is required to download new cardsets and view flashcards with images. Once downloaded, text based flashcards can be used at anytime. - Multiple Choice answer "Tap Count". Under "Settings" for the device, select "gFlash+", "Multiple Choice Tap Count", and try "Double Tap Activation". This allows you to easily scroll within the multiple choice window without accidentally selecting an answer. - Download the Google suite of applications to your iPhone or iPod touch and edit your flashcards directly from your device. Follow the link below to gWhiz LLC's Web Site where you can: - browse the gWhiz Catalog via the "Catalog" page, - learn how to create and share your own flashcards with Google Documents, - view our videos on how to use gFlash+ on the iPhone and how to create flashcard sets, - contribute to our forum and review our FAQ. If you have created a set of flashcards that would benefit others, please share a version via Google Documents to and we will add them to the catalog. Please give the file a title that would make sense to someone browsing the catalog. Have a question or would like to share your feedback, please post to or send us an email at: We hope you enjoy using gFlash+! --- NOW AVAILABLE --- gFlashPro, the best gFlash ever! Includes: - Access to free cardsets from StudyStack (TM) a gWhiz content partner - Convenient font controls - Landscape or portrait view for more effective study - 5 star performance scoring - track your improvement! - Include flashcards with sounds , great for languages! - Cached images for offline studying and faster display - Convenient onscreen controls for sorting and screen layout - Improved catalog search with paged results - Easy scrolling and selection for large multiple choice answers - Autoshuffle control within the application - No advertisements!

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