Current Version Version: 3.0
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Description ■ MACWORLD'S "BEST REFERENCE APP 2009" ■ VERSION 3.0 NOW AVAILABLE ■ Over 5 hours of audio bird songs and calls from the Macaulay Library at the Lab of Ornithology. ■ Compatible with OS3 and OS4, multiple Favorite Lists, OS4 syncs Notes and Favs with iTunes. ■ 3G users who have updated to OS4: there is a problem with iBird starting on some 3G phones which have been updated to OS4. We are working on a solution. ■ See how 5 Bird apps stack up: Finally, a field guide that’s as light as a feather. iBird Explorer PRO is designed to satisfy the demanding needs of advanced birders and professional naturalists. It offers comprehensive identification, behavior, habitat and ecology information, twice as many search attributes as Plus, hand drawn illustrations, professional photographs, range maps and playable calls for 924 North American and Hawaiian bird species. As an innovative field guide to birds for the iPhone and iPod touch, iBird Pro puts the equivalent of 4,000 pages of expert birding information at your fingertips in a self-contained ebook. Notable Features of all versions: ■ Location search has two attributes: Common for the most popular species in a state and Uncommon for rare and state listed birds. ■ Attributes are grouped into basic, head and flight related area. ■ 14 new search attributes including search by patterns, length, wingspan. ■ Updated state and province bird lists using official references. ■ Shake your device to automatically play a random bird song. ■ Taxonomic and Alphabetical family sort options on Browse screen. Standard Features: ■ Parameter driven search lets you identify birds quickly, so you spend more time observing and less time reading. (includes date-based and song-based search) ■ Bird songs and calls, loud enough to bring the bird right to you (1) ■ Hand-drawn full sized color illustrations, with perching and flight views ■ Multiple professional photographs of most species, showing plumages, sexes and seasons ■ Extensive identification, behavior, and habitat information ■ Ecological status, shows if population is in decline or endangered ■ Full color range maps ■ Zoom and pinch bird portraits ■ Links to detailed Wiki pages and hundreds of Flickr photos for each bird ■ Bookmark birds as favorites for fast access ■ Species, common and family names in English, French and Spanish (text is English) ■ Lifetime updates to species information iBird Pro uses a unique parametric search engine to help you identify birds quickly. Narrow down possible species by selecting from: location (state), month, shape, size, habitat, primary color, secondary color, backyard feeder status, family, bill shape, bill length, head pattern, crown color, wing shape, flight pattern, conservation status (ICUN Red List threat status), song and song pattern. Or search by keyword, Latin name and band code. As a standalone iPhone app, iBird Pro does not require an Internet connection for access to the rich media information in its database. This does mean that the application is large, so please be patient when downloading from the iTunes app store. Don’t need the top-of-the-line iBird Pro ebook? Try one of our other iBird Explorer apps. We have an interactive field guide that will fit your needs perfectly. ■ iBird Explorer 15 (free), iBird Explorer Backyard, iBird Explorer North, iBird Explorer South, iBird Explorer Midwest, iBird Explorer Western, iBird Explorer Canada, iBird Explorer Plus For further product comparison information, please visit us at You can also keep up to date with fellow iBird users by following @iBirdExplorer on Twitter and by joining the iBird fan page on Facebook (search for iBird).

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