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Price Free
Description *** IMPORTANT: iFlash Touch is the free COMPANION app to iFlash 2.8 for Mac (US$14.95), and REQUIRES it to work. Download iFlash for Mac here: ***

iFlash Touch allows you to study the flash cards and decks you've created using iFlash on the Mac.

Sending decks to your device is simple, since iFlash Touch uses your existing home wireless network. No need to use an external server or web site!

To export, click the "Export" button in iFlash on your Mac, select "iPhone or iPod Touch", and go. Once you've studied on your iPhone, simply repeat this procedure and iFlash Touch will sync back which cards you have memorized into iFlash on your Mac.

NOTE: Currently, images, audio, and score/interval memorization are not supported in iFlash Touch. They are planned for future updates though!

Enjoy studying on the go!