Current Version Version: 1.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Andreas Amann
Price $3.00
Description ------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0.1 which fixes the login issue some people are experiencing (application being stuck in "Logging in…/Loading Settings…") has been submitted to Apple for review - please be patient if you experience this issue. ------------------------------------------------- GV Connect is a native iPhone/iPod Touch application which allows you to interact with your existing "Google Voice" account much faster than using the web interface: • Place calls using your Google Voice number rather than your mobile number - enter number directly, select a contact from your device's contacts, or call back any number in your history. • Send and receive text messages (SMS) from your Google Voice number. • Listen to voicemails and recorded conversations right on your device (allowing you to pause, rewind, or fast forward to any point within the message) - voicemails will also show the transcription of the message when available. • Mark messages as starred, attach notes to conversations, block/unblock senders, or delete conversations. • Easily search in your history by contact, message, or note. • Messages are stored on your device for offline access. • Composing notes and text messages can be done in landscape mode. • Quickly change various Google Voice account settings (call forwarding, do-not-disturb, message notifications, …) directly from within the application. • Automatic checking for new messages while the application is active. • Direct access to your device's contacts without needing to synchronize them with Google • Quick access to favorite phone numbers (tap & hold the contact/star button in the dialer). • Automatic fallback to offline dialing mode if no data connection is available. • All communication is done with the Google Voice website directly, no need to hand over your account information to a third-party. • Full support for fast app switching in iOS4 and high-resolution graphics for retina displays. Please note that GV Connect is NOT a SIP/VOIP application and will thus not allow making calls from an iPad or iPod Touch without a separate VOIP/SIP application. GV Connect currently does not support answering a call back to your 'Google Talk' callback number directly on the device. GV Connect stores your account password securely in your device's keychain for faster login when launching the application - communication is done via secure connections (SSL) to the Google Voice servers and no contact information (other than the contact's phone number which is required to place a call or send a message) is sent to Google. All operations are fully synchronized with your Google Voice account.  NOTE: An existing Google Voice account is required to use this application