Current Version Version: 1.3.404 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author AppAbove, Inc.
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Description Learn and communicate in Spanish and English, anytime, anywhere! SPANISH ANYWHERE ® is perfect for travelers, students, business people, and anyone who wants to speak, read, study, pronounce, or translate Spanish & English. Please show your support with a 5-star review so we can continue to work on free updates for everyone! And special thanks to everyone for their suggestions. Follow us on Twitter @spanishanywhere for daily content! New Version 1.3 includes: - Full support for iPad - New: Use the VERB DECONJUGATOR to find both the meaning and the infinitive form of any verb that is already conjugated - New: Email the study lists that you’ve created in MY STUDY LIST and MY OWN WORDS - New Sections and Phrases - User Interface [UI] improvements for iOS4 Previous versions include: - New content, improvements, and reorganization in SITUATIONS and REFERENCE - 3 new learning games: WORD SCRAMBLE, SPELLING Quiz, and HANGMAN - New ONLINE TRANSLATOR (Powered by Google) to translate any phrase - MY OWN WORDS to add and organize your own words for STUDY, FLASH CARDS, and GAMES - Complete Verb Conjugation for all Spanish tenses, indicative and subjunctive (including imperfect, pluperfect, future, conditional, and more) - "Flash Cards" feature lets you test your vocabulary with short vocab quizzes and create your own card lists. - "My Study List" lets you choose and mark words you want to study and review most often - "Numbers" tool converts digits to their written form in English and Spanish - Unit Converter tool quickly converts Length, Volume, Temperature, and Weight - Adjust font size (Small/Medium/Large) and Turn On/Off Transliteration Pronunciation feature in iPhone Settings This easy-to-use program is a phrase book, dictionary, verb conjugator, and more! SPANISH ANYWHERE contains over 1,800 practical PHRASES and expressions for everyday SITUATIONS; over 10,000 handy WORDS in the DICTIONARY and in useful REFERENCE lists; helpful GRAMMAR lessons; and conjugate over 1000 verbs in the bilingual VERB CONJUGATOR that now conjugates every tense. Our Spanish transliteration (text, not audio) helps to improve pronunciation when you talk, and LEARN A NEW WORD helps to quickly increase your vocabulary. FLASH CARDS lets you quiz yourself on new words, NUMBERS converts numeric digits to written words, and UNIT CONVERSION helps you quickly convert Length, Volume, Temperature, and Weight. Unlike an online translator, Spanish Anywhere is stored in your device and no data connection is required. The entire program (vocabulary lists, dictionary, phrase book, flash cards, verb conjugator, language tools, and grammar lessons) is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, and everywhere in the world, whether you’re on the go (in a car, or on the plane, train, or subway), shopping, cooking, or traveling; at work or home; at the library or doctor’s office; at the post office, bank, a restaurant, bar, hotel, store or museum. Because there is no audio, the entire program can be downloaded without WiFi. Phrasebook and Reference categories include Greetings & Conversation, Food & Restaurant, Free Time, Nightlife, Emergency, Travel, Transportation, Hiking & Camping, Hotel, Telephone, Internet & Computers, Shopping, Money, Mail, Laundry, Health & Body, Family, Work & Office, Real Estate, At Home, Cooking & Baking, Weather, Time, Date, Holidays, Numbers, Measurements & Conversion, Colors, Questions, Everyday Phrases, Common Places, Relatives, Nationality, Countries, Language, Professions, Politics & Government, Immigration, Economy, Banking, Arts, Sciences, Religion, Car Parts, Sports, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Medical Terms, Hardware, Nature, Horoscope, Solar System, Shapes, and more.

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