Current Version Version: 1.3
Author Rodrigue Cloutier
Price Free
Description Can you save "Sim" from being hung?

Experience the classic Hangman game with an interactive twist. Just like the classic pen and paper game, guess the hidden word by selecting one letter at a time. Each missed letter brings you closer to hanging the poor “Sim”. In the unfortunate event of missing all letters, “Sim” will be hung right before your eyes.

- Tilt your device to see “Sim” follow the gravity.
- Use the touch screen to interact with “Sim” and make him swing even more.
- Nearly 8000 entries in many categories to randomly choose from.
- Each word is revealed with a description. Great to enhance your vocabulary.
- You can play vertically or horizontally, which ever feels more comfortable.
- Four difficulty levels to choose from.
- Optional hint to help find the word.

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