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Description Why iFlipr Flashcards? • Awesome Community → Thousands of users, over 12,000,000 cards on! • Study Offline → Decks sync with, so you have a backup, just in case. • Pictures and Sounds → Upload through the web interface, with direct from phone on-the-way. • WYSIWYG Editor → Add custom fonts and font-sizes, highlighting, text-alignment, bulleted lists and more. • Easy Import → Copy and paste from a spreadsheet. • Learn Faster → Intelligent learning algorithm. • Free Updates → More features are on the way. Please take a moment to vote up helpful reviews and vote down unhelpful ones. Questons, comments, problems? Contact the developer directly at SELECTED REVIEWS: great! "the usefulness of this app can't be overstated. i can carry all of my flashcards on my iphone. not to mention that, but there is a growing user community where you can share cards with others. i highly recommend this app!" Greatest App Ever! "This app is awesome. Hands down. It's a create your own flashcards app, so there isn't too much to do beyond that. However, what you do with these flashcards is the best part. Watch the initial video, and off you go into making cards for ALL your classes without wasting any paper!" Excellent in its simplicity! "What else is there to say. It works and extremely well." Great for any student "I just got this app, and was able to create and use a deck for history vocabulary in no time, all on my iphone. Its a super tool for anyone who likes to study on-the-go." Best app I have!!! "I have purchased many apps... to the point that I need to get control of myself... but I'm so glad I purchased this one. I have tried all the 'flash card' apps... and this one blows the others away. I love the fact that I can create a spreadsheet with questions and answers... and then simply copy and paste them into the create section on This is awesome. I use it for my kids in school... and to memorize things form my business. Thank you so much! well worth the price." Keywords: Flashcard flash card learn study memorize notecard note german spanish french chinese japanese sat vocabulary hiragana characters gre law esl toefl

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