Current Version Version: 2.0.2
Author Hilary Wilson
Price $3.00
Description The best selling bird app in the USA! 176 bird songs from across mainland US*, with up to 34 seconds of song for each bird, and alternative recordings for some birds. More birds added regularly!

"a great app for the idiot bird watcher like me up to the semi pro bird watcher." -

On first use, Chirp! USA will select the birds for your current location, but then you are free to select any area of the United States on the Map Screen, to learn the common species from east to west and north to south. Or you may prefer to select all birds to learn the whole range!

Tap the bird photo to flip it over and reveal a short description of the song with helpful tips. After listening, try the quiz to test your memory. Answer fast to earn a score multiplier and get on the high score table! Experienced birders will appreciate the custom quiz to help in learning the songs of similar birds.

A key feature is that the birds can be arranged in both alphabetical order and also in order of commonness, so you can learn the most common ones first, then move on to less frequent backyard visitors.

Another great feature is sorting by song style, so that you can compare birds that hoot and coo, or those with high pitched songs for example.

Make a shortlist of your favourites so that you can find them quickly (tap the + icon above the image to add birds to your favorites list).

Extra birds and new features are added regularly! There's an email link in the app (on the info screen) so you can let us know what you want us to add directly.

NO SOUND? If you have no sound in the app, it is almost certainly because you have the mute button on (the small switch on the side of the device).

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* Sorry, Alaska is not currently included.

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