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Description Listen to music and the outside world at the same time with Awareness! Now V2.1 - an AMAZING 5 in 1 Headphones App. --IF YOU ALREADY OWN AWARENESS! PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALLING V2.1-- TO UNLOCK ALL IN APP PURCHASES MAKE SURE AWARENESS V2.0 OR BELOW IS INSTALLED ON YOUR DEVICE BEFORE YOU UPDATE TO V2.1 -------------------------- “One of the most useful apps we’ve seen this year - 5 out of 5” - WHAT MOBILE -------------------------- What is Awareness! The Headphone App? Awareness! famously allows you to ‘listen to music and the outside world at the same time’, from hearing that truck while its still down the road to hearing when someone asks if you’d like a cup of coffee, Awareness! gives your headphones ears. Don’t be a headphone zombie, get Awareness! V2.1 introduces a number of In App Purchases that turn Awareness! Into a useful 5 in 1 App. Personal Noise Monitor Whether you’re listening to music* or not, you can set a Sound Level value in dB on the microphone and activate the Vibrate Alarm on Awareness. Then your iDevice will vibrate when external noise exceeds safe listening limits. This Personal Noise Monitor provides audio safety for those working in noisy environments e.g. Building sites, clubs, bars, gigs, etc. A very cost effective Noise Monitor that’s convenient and easy to use, with or without headphones. *Note: Vibrate function works with all music playing apps EXCEPT iPod player. Spy App Awareness! Can amplify the mic signal far more than all other ‘mic using apps’ we’ve tested, making it an excellent spy tool. By Using ClearVoice (low cost In App Purchase required) we could hear conversations taking place in other rooms with clarity, even a two way conversation when someone answered their phone in another room!. No other spy app comes close! Hearing Aid Awareness! also makes an excellent hearing aid, again outperforming every hearing aid app we've tried. A big difference being that Awareness is truly multi tasking. This allows you to listen to music at the same time, listen to audio books, answer or make calls, without having to switch earpiece or headphones. You can even filter background noise by setting the mic threshold or using AutoSet or AutoSet Plus. Optimized VoiceOver User Interface Awareness! V2 introduces a VoiceOver optimised user interface that will be fully featured, supported, and continuously developed specifically for visually impaired users. Low cost In App Purchase required. ★True iOS4.1 multi-tasking app★ ★Use with music, videos, games and audio books★ On the road, you can choose to hear traffic noise and warnings; at home or work, you can hear when someone calls your name, when the doorbell rings, when the phone rings or if someone offers you a coffee! -------------------------- “Being able to hear what’s going on around you above your music should surely be a non-brainer!” - WHAT HIFI – -------------------------- *TAKE CARE OF YOUR EARS! If you need to turn the mic volume up high, its an indication that you could be listening to music too loud, take care of your ears! VIDEO DEMO: AND look at our website Minimum Requirements: * iOS4.1 and above * iPhone 4 or 3GS * iPad running iOS 4.2 * iPod Touch 4 * iPod Touch 3 with headset * Will NOT work on iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2 * Will NOT work with Wireless or Bluetooth headsets IMPORTANT NOTES: THE MICROPHONE HAS TO BE AVAILABLE: If you keep your iPhone/iPod touch in your pocket, please use headphones with an inline mic. SAFETY: Awareness makes wearing headphones much safer in general but you should NEVER wear headphones where there is any risk of personal danger! * Your Feedback is important! so please leave a