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Description Study using flash cards.

One of the most powerful and popular tools for studying has always been index cards otherwise known as flash cards or note cards. Notecards is an application to help you study through the use of virtual flash cards.

Notecards offers a new way to study by keeping track of your flash cards. It is completely virtual so you can create different groups for each topic that you have flash cards for. We currently offer 6 different study methods including: sequential, shuffle, groups, worst, growing groups, and shrinking. Sequential and shuffle are self explanatory. When using the "groups" study method the application has you study a certain group of flash cards until you reach a certain correct percentage, and then you move onto the next group. When using the "worst" study method the application only has you study flash cards in which the correct percentage is less then a user-defined percentage. When using the "growing groups" the application starts you with a small group of flash cards and then as you get good at those flash cards it simply adds on more flash cards to study at the same time. Finally shrinking cards allows you to study your flash cards in a shuffled order but you can "throw out" a card at any time and it will not be presented to you anymore.

While you are studying, our application tracks your percentage correct for each stack as well as each individual flash card. You can easily find what cards you are worst and best at. Finally, we also offer the ability to share flash cards between devices over wi-fi internet.

There is also a free desktop application for Mac that allows you to create flash cards on your computer and then sync them to your mobile device. The desktop application also allows you to import from and export to comma separated value (csv) files. Finally you can also import flash cards from a plain text file. For more information on the desktop application please visit:

Features Summary:
- Unlimited flash cards
- Unlimited flash card stacks
- 6 Study methods
- Study front to back and back to front
- Track percentage correct for flash cards and stacks
- Share over Wi-Fi
- Supports input in any language which the iPhone currently supports
- Free desktop application for importing and creating flash cards on your Mac

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