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Description ** O'Reilly Best iPhone Apps Top Pick ** iThoughts is a mind mapping tool for the iPhone/iPod Touch - built for iOS4. If you have an iPad then please check out iThoughtsHD. Mindmapping enables you to 'see the big picture' - freeing you to concentrate on how your thoughts and ideas relate to each other. Typical Uses: • Task lists. • Brainstorming. • Project planning. • Goal setting. • Concept mapping. • Course Notes/Revision. • Meeting Notes. Highlights: • Import and export to and from many of the most popular desktop applications       • Freemind/Freeplane       • Novamind 4 / 5       • MindManager 6 / 7 / 8 / 9       • XMind 3       • iMindmap 4       • Mindview 3 / 4 (Windows only)       • ConceptDraw MINDMAP 6 / 7        • OPML (Omnioutliner, Scrivener etc.) • Single tap synchronisation with Dropbox/ cloud services (and iTunes.) • Create and Open email attachments in all supported formats. • Unlimited Undo/Redo. • Export PDF and PNG versions of your ideas. • Save maps to the Camera Roll (and then paste the image into other apps.) • Keyboard shortucts and TextExpander integration for fast brainstorming. • Present your ideas on the big screen using an external projector (VGA output.) • Create large maps with many hundreds of topics (canvas is over 800 'screens' in size.) • Automatic 10 minute snapshots provide version history. • Automatic daily archive with email option for easy backup and peace of mind. • Cut/Copy/Paste within and between maps and other applications (such as Mail and Notes) • Auto-align topics within a map with the 'Keep Organised' feature. • Attach task management information to topics (start/due date and progress) • Over 90 builtin icons. • Assign priorities to topics. • Attach notes with hyperlinks to topics. • Assign different colours and shapes to topics. • Create relationships between topics. • Expand/Collapse branches to keep things manageable. • Rainbow colour scheme (auto colours based on position of topic relative to the centre.) • Configurable canvas backgrounds. • Multiple topic options (shapes, callouts, floating, boundaries.) • Drag and drop topics and branches - then reattach, merge or 'float' them. • Organize your maps into Folders • Create new maps 'based on' (existing maps, clipboard) Please visit the website for more information, screenshots and videos.