Current Version Version: 4.0.1
Author The Mental Faculty
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Description The premium flashcard app for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. "Mental Case provides a very nice balance of functionality, desktop and iPhone/iPod touch integration and ease-of-use that make it the leader of the pack..." Flashcard Exchange and The Mental Faculty bring you the premium flashcard study application for your Mac, iPad, or iPhone/iPod touch. Use it to learn a language, brush up for a driver's test, or study for an exam. Create flashcards right on your iPhone. Add text, record audio, and insert images from your photo library, or take a photo with the built-in camera. Mental Case is a great repository for those things you come across each day that you want to remember. Mental Case also allows you to download flash cards from the World's largest online repository of study cards, Choose from over 21 million flashcards, on topics ranging from Fine Art to GRE and SAT exams. And it's all free for Mental Case users. Rather not enter your cards on a small screen? You can sync your flashcards over WiFi with Mental Case for Mac OS X. No Mac? No problem. Enter your cards with a free account, and download them to Mental Case on your iPhone. Or create cards directly on your PC in the new Study Archive format, and transfer them via iTunes or an online file sharing service (see FEATURES ✓ Sync over WiFi with a Mac running Mental Case for Mac OS X ✓ Download flash cards directly from ✓ Create your own flashcards, with text, audio, and/or images ✓ Flashcards can have up to two sides ✓ Use camera to take photos for use in cards ✓ Record audio with the built-in microphone ✓ Study flashcards in beautiful full-screen slideshows ✓ Zoom images by double tapping in a slideshow ✓ Landscape slideshow mode ✓ Automatically prepared lessons using spaced repetition ✓ Import study archives from a server or via iTunes ✓ Share notes with other Mental Case owners over bluetooth or email ✓ Backup your library to iTunes ✓ Play slideshows on an external display ALSO AVAILABLE Mental Case Flashcards HD (iPad and iPhone) Mental Case Classroom Edition (iPad and iPhone) Mental Case for Mac OS X TESTIMONIALS "In all, Mental Case is an incredibly well conceived product that turns the iPhone into a truly powerful study it. The application is polished, easy-to-use, and as stable as any application I've seen. The sync functionality is flawless and I've yet to run into any problem on either the Mac side or the iPhone side." Daniel Cohen ( “Mental Case is a beautifully designed new commercial offering in the flashcard software world ... It offers excellent support for interval study, graded slideshows for both study on demand and interval study as well as convenient set management. ” K. M. Lawson ( “I'm a HUGE flash card user for the very purpose that you seem to have built Mental Case ... I love it. Excellent concept and execution.” Ethan Schoonover ( HOW TO SYNC (MAC) In order to sync Mental Case with a Mac, you will need access to a wireless (airport) network, and a copy of Mental Case for Mac OS X. You can download a free 30-day trial of Mental Case for Mac OS X at HOW TO IMPORT (LINUX AND WINDOWS) If you don't have a Mac, you can use Mental Case to download flash cards you have created on You can use a free account on to do this. (Note that at this time you cannot upload flash cards created on your iPhone, and if you want to have images in your flashcards, you need a paid account on Flashcard Exchange.) Windows and Linux users can also import study archives created on a PC via iTunes. For more information, go to htt

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