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Price $1.00
Description ★★ #1 Weather App in Japan! ★★
★★ New: Moon & Sun rise and set times displayed graphically, making day to day changes easy to visualize! ★★
★★ Supports all iPhone date locales! ★★

Lúan delivers a moon phase chart and lunar calendar to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

- Lunation (moon phase cycle) event table provides times in your local timezone
- Common (gregorian) calendar displays the daily moon phase
- Moon & Sun rise and set times for your location
- High quality lunar images
- Animated transitions

The Sun and Moon rise/set time calculations use your location provided by your device (iPhone or iPod touch) to calculate these values. Your location may not be available if your device does not have a wireless signal. In this case, the rise and set times will not appear, but the rest of the app will function properly.

About the name: Lúan is an Old Irish name for the moon. Its usage survives into modern Irish as Luan or Dé Luain, meaning Monday or Day of the Moon.