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Description Attendance is a universal iPhone/iPad app (runs on iOS 3.1.x, 3.2, and 4.0) that allows you to take and keep attendance records. Its main intended use is for teachers to keep track of records for their classes, but it can also be used for meetings and group gatherings. The attendance statuses are completely customizable. You can import names by pasting in a CSV file or placing the CSV file on a web server, or from Address Book groups you create on your computer and sync with your device, or you can enter the names by hand on your device.

For more information, see my website:

See screenshots and videos showing how to use Attendance and import names at

If you have any issues please email me (see the instructions tab in the app for email address).

Take a photo via your device's camera or select a photo from you photo library (a Settings preference controls which is used) and view the photos next to the names as you take attendance to help you learn the names (Settings preference controls if the photos are displayed).

Use Attendance to keep separate attendance records for each day for each class/group. The statuses default to Absent, Present, Late, and Excused, but can be customized (see the videos).

You can view records, email an entire group, email the students that were missing on a given day, send the records to individual students, email the full records in a CSV spreadsheet format, and many more features. Each student, course, and date you take attendance has a note field for storing additional information.

Supports TextExpander (if you have it on your device) touch snippet expansion for use in the note fields and a view for creating the body of an email message. A preference controls if a separate screen with TextExpander support is used to enter the email message.

The 3.0 version has a Tier 2 price in-app purchase for transferring your data between multiple iPhone OS devices via WiFi so if you have an iPhone and an iPad you can copy all your data from one device to the other to keep updated records on both devices. See the videos for more info on this.

Thanks to Gus Mueller of Flying Meat software for the fmdb library used in Attendance. Also thanks to Jens Alfke for the MYNetwork library.