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Description CPR Buddy: A CPR Compression Timer

CPR Buddy is the one iPhone application that we hope you never have to use. Using it in an emergency situation could be a lifesaver.

Research shows that over 300,000 people die annually due to sudden cardiac arrest. Only 1 in 20 arrests are due to respiratory arrest where rescue breaths should be performed. Compression only CPR would have been sufficient in 95% of these cases to increase the chances of survival. Amazingly, of the 300,000 victims per year, only 1 in 4 receives CPR from a bystander. In either case, compression only CPR can significantly increase the chances of one's survival.

CPR Buddy is an application that assists its users in the timing of CPR compressions. In the event that CPR is required, being able to conduct CPR until emergency services arrive could greatly increase the survival of the victim.

CPR Buddy offers its users both an audible and visual cue in which to perform both chest compressions and rescue breaths. Many people have reported that during emergency situations that time slows down. This coupled with the chaotic nature that emergency situations create; CPR Buddy will give you peace of mind. The cues given by CPR Buddy will help you keep focused during a very stressful event.

There are three modes of operation for CPR Buddy.

1) Instruction: This area will go over proper hand and arm form, the location compressions should be performed, and general use of the application.

2) Respiratory Arrest CPR: The red heart indicates when to conduct chest compressions and the green heart signifies the window in time to perform rescue breaths. The compression animations and audio cues continue throughout this mode.

3) Cardiac Arrest CPR: This is a compression only method where only red hearts are shown and does not give visual or audio cues when rescue breaths would normally be performed.
Please remember to always call 911 prior to starting CPR Buddy.

At this time, CPR Buddy is not intended for children or infants.