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Price $3.00
Description *** NEW UPDATED v1.2 updated Sept.1st 2008***

Get brain fit! Improve your critical thinking, speed, and memory skills in just minutes a day! KuGon is the next generation of brain teasers that pushes your number combination to new levels. KuGon brilliantly brings a new type of gameplay never seen before in this genre of games. As you solve the puzzle, beautiful MoZaics are revealed! See how many MoZaics are needed to answer the KuGon trivia! KuGon is flexible enough to play only minutes at a time or for hours on end.

"Completely changed my idea of puzzle games. Easy to pick up, but impossible to put down."
-- Mark Bernstein, Avid iPhone Gamer

- Cool Graphics!
- Now you can select your level of play, easy, medium or hard.
- More than 95 unique and challenging puzzles
- Dozens of trivia questions
- Over 15 beautiful full size images for you to download
- Multiple Player support
- Brilliantly designed art and themes
- Immersive sounds and visual effects
- Hours of continuous gameplay and enjoyment
- Virtual saving system so you can play where you left off