Current Version Version: 1.7.6
Author SimpleLeap Software, LLC
Price $4.00
Description ON SALE NOW! Cram goes beyond the typical flash card app and helps you study for tests, quizzes, and class assignments by turning your study material into multiple-choice practice tests and digital flash cards. Cram makes studying fun with multiple study modes, images, and detailed test reports that track your study progress. Don’t feel like adding your study material into Cram? Download a pre-made study set from a pool of thousands provide by Quizlet and save yourself some time. Cram is perfect to help you learn a different language, map tests, vocabulary tests, standardized tests and more. **************************************** Feature List: * Flash cards - Replace those old fashioned paper flash cards and have access to study material any time on your iPhone or iPod touch * Multiple-Choice Tests - Prepares you for the 'real thing' with multiple-choice practice tests. * Pictures - Using images can be great visual clues to learning your study material. Images are perfect for chemistry quizzes, standard tests with graphs & charts, and * Large Test Database - Save time and download study sets already made for you. Using the Quizlet and Cram portal to download study sets on various study topics like Spanish, Algebra, and more. * Test Reports - Track your success with detailed test reports. Cram keeps track of your every answer and tells you exactly what you got right and what you got wrong. * Sync - Pairs with your Mac using Cram for Mac. Free Cram for Mac download available. Testimonials: Apple Staff Favorite!!! "Cram is the ultimate study buddy" - Tapped In/Fox News "...for creating multiple-choice tests, Cram cannot be beat." - Macworld Top 10 iPhone Apps for Students - "Testmaster...Cram has the makings of being a great help for those who like to squeeze study time into moments of lull." - "Cram is one of those applications that is pretty impressive. It doesn’t cure cancer or anything like that, but it helps you create custom quizzes and cram tests for yourself." -

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