Current Version Version: 1.0.0
Author NDMapple
Price $1.00
Description From the makers of SongStumblr come 3Duniverse! Explore different corners of the Universe in the best 3D graphics available on the iPhone. This application contains 5 different 3D levels to explore the known Universe! These are Black Holes, Wormholes, Jupiter and its Moons, Dying Stars and Earth. One can explore a beautiful 3D mapped Black Hole and get closer than no man could go, right to its centre (past the event horizon). Or one could just watch the black hole from a distance and watch its mesmerizing repetition. The black hole contains animation, objective sound and contains two moving camera angles. One could then venture on to a realistic simulation of a worm hole. One again can watch the worm hole from its centre or on could allow themselves to get sucked into the wormhole! What would you find on the other side. The wormhole contains animations, objectvie sound and two moving cameras. One could then travel to another pocket of space, this being majestic Jupiter. Watch Europa (Jupiter's moon) slowly orbit Jupiter and see if it contains water from up close! One can even watch a comet slowly crash into Jupiter if one is patient enough. Watch as Jupiter majestically spins along with its other moons. This scene contains comets, objective sound, animation and two moving camera angles. One could then travel far away from the Earth, thousands of light years away, to a dying star. Here one can witness from a very close angle the star dying as it contains black patches on its surface. One can witness matter being sucked off the star by a white dwarf. This scene contains objective sound, animation and 2 different moving cameras. And finally one can sail back to the most beautiful planet in the Universe, our life, Earth. Watch Earth slowly and calmly orbit and rotate. One can visible see all the continents and countries of the Earth from the 2 camera angles. This scene also contains animation and objective sound. Each scene contains animation,objective sound and different camera angles. To change camera angles in a scene, just touch the screen (not the control panel) This application's graphics were created with unity3D and it will blow you away! Key Words - fps, universe, unity3d

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