• Great speed
  • Comes bundled with USB 3.0 expansion card


  • USB 3.0 expansion available only with Mac Pros and ExpressCard-equipped Mac laptops
  • CalDigit USB 3.0 expansion cards can be used only with CalDigit hard drives

Manufacturer’s Description

CalDigit presents the CalDigit AV Drive, a single drive designed with the user in mind and optimized for Audio and Video, CalDigit's most affordable drive yet! Featuring a dual interface with USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 connectivity, the AV Drive is one of the most uniquely designed single drive systems on the market.

Manufacturer’s Website

AV Drive

The Specs

Part Number CLDN5190071
Drive size 1000.0 GB
Drive type External
Ports and Connections
Available Interfaces
  • FireWire 800
  • USB 2.0
Firewire FireWire 800
USB 2.0 Yes
General Features
Bus Powered 0.0


Macworld Lab
USB - copy 1GB to External Drive 37.0   (CLOB) seconds
USB - duplicate 1GB file on external drive 56.0   (CLOB) seconds
USB - Low memory Photoshop test 223.0   (CLOB) seconds
FireWire 400 - copy 1GB to External Drive 29.0   (CLOB) seconds
FireWire 400 - duplicate 1GB file on external drive 44.0   (CLOB) seconds
FireWire 400 - Low memory Photoshop test 186.0   (CLOB) seconds
FireWire 800 - copy 1GB to External Drive 21.0   (CLOB) seconds
FireWire 800 - duplicate 1GB file on external drive 24.0   (CLOB) seconds
FireWire 800 - Low memory Photoshop test 134.0   (CLOB) seconds