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Description Jirbo Paper Football has over 3 million users and counting! Paper Football features: ✓Vibrant cartoon graphics ✓Simple gameplay with endless replay value ✓Old school feel - relive your glory days in the school cafeteria ✓Head-to-head multiplayer with friends ✓ A worldwide highscores list ----------------------------------------------- What do the reviewers think of Jirbo Paper Football? "Paper Football [...] has a great element of fun to it and will certainly bring back fond memories for many people. The final score [...] is 8 out of 10." "blazingly colorful...a dash of whimsy and top with rich graphics" - Forbes ----------------------------------------------- How about the fans? "It's the best game ever it makes me feel like I'm in seventh grade again." "A must have for a quick game! "Now I can play paper football in study hall and not get in trouble!!" ----------------------------------------------- Paper Football is the classic game of flicking a folded-up paper football to hang over the edge of a table. Compete against your friends or the computer, and see how your scores stack up against players worldwide! ----------------------------------------------- As always, THANK YOU for your feedback and positive reviews!