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Description ***************************************************** This game is moving to a new iTunes account and will be FREE for a limited time starting 20th August 2010. Please search iFighter 1945 and download it instead of this one. We'll be updating the new one from now on and a new update is coming very soon, including more levels, different fighters and Plus+ support! ***************************************************** "Despite the two decades I’ve lived, no vertical scrolling shooter has captivated me like iFighter." - Jeff Effendi, (9/10) "With its rocking original soundtrack and crisp graphics, this vertical 2D shooter has zoomed in and blasted the competition out of the sky." - (5-Dimple) "Personally, I thought Raiden kicked a*s and now I’m madly in love with iFighter. This game RULES!!" - Michael, "iFighter is a game for vertical shooting game freaks on the iPhone..." - Andrew, As the ace pilot of the airforce in WWII, your mission is to destroy the secret weapon prototypes of the Nazis. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for some non-stop action! Features: - 3 difficulty settings - 3 control modes - 4 huge levels - original sound tracks for all levels - spectacular end-of-level bosses Recommended for fans of 1942, 1945, Raiden, SkyForce and Siberian Strike! ***************************************************** Please also check out our other games: - ChocChocPop - iFighter - Stone Wars - Super Laser Lite *****************************************************