Current Version Version: 1.9.9
Author EdgeRift, Inc.
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Description *** JUST UPDATED! *** Far more than just a police scanner, Emergency Radio has it all with live police, fire, EMS, railroad, air traffic, NOAA weather, coast guard, and other emergency frequencies. Tune in to everything from Haiti rescue channels to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Easily follow along with the action using the built-in police and emergency scanner code list. Conveniently locate nearby frequencies using the Nearby feature, and quickly access your favorite frequencies with the Favorites list.

"We recently had a major brush fire in my neighborhood... We were able to prepare by listening in as to where the fire was progressing." - Vervanwhoop (App Store reviewer)
"Just gets better & better" - DR SoFla (App Store reviewer)
"Keep up the good work guys! v1.8 is awesome I like the new features. Can't wait for v1.9!" - Jonathan H. (Twitter)
"... I love those new UI tweaks... well done guys!" - Josh H. (Twitter)

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✓ Extensive ever-expanding database with over 3,700 live feeds (police, fire, EMS, railroad, air traffic, NOAA weather, coast guard, and more)
✓ REAL-TIME database updates
✓ Background playback (use other apps while you listen)
✓ Reliable LAPD coverage, hosted by EdgeRift
✓ Listen via built-in speaker, headphones, iHome, Livespeakr, or Bluetooth
✓ Built-in scanner codes make it easy to follow along with the action
✓ Find nearby feeds using your iPhone's GPS / triangulation
✓ Keep a list of your favorite feeds for fast access
✓ Restores last playing feed on startup


Below are a few of the many emergency frequencies that you'll find in Emergency Radio. Please be advised that not all locations are available yet and some feeds are only online during certain times of the day.

✓ Atlanta Fire
✓ Atlanta Police
✓ CalFire
✓ Cape Cod Police, Fire, Coast Guard
✓ Cedar Rapids Police, Fire, EMS
✓ Chicago Police
✓ Chicago Fire
✓ Columbus Police, Fire, EMS
✓ Dallas Police, Fire
✓ Denver Police, Fire
✓ Detroit Police, Fire
✓ Grand Canyon Police, Fire, EMS
✓ Hartford Police, Fire
✓ Hawaii Police (Big Island)
✓ Houston Police
✓ Indianapolis Police, Fire
✓ Kennedy Space Center (Shuttle)
✓ Los Angeles County Police, Sheriff, Fire, EMS
✓ Massachusetts State Patrol
✓ Memphis Police, Fire
✓ Miami Police
✓ Mobile Fire, Search & Rescue
✓ NYPD Police
✓ New Jersey State Police
✓ New Orleans Fire
✓ New York Fire
✓ Oklahoma City Fire
✓ Philadelphia Police, Fire
✓ Phoenix Police, Fire
✓ Pittsburgh Fire
✓ Portland Police
✓ Raleigh Fire, EMS
✓ Reno Police, Fire
✓ San Diego Police, Fire, EMS
✓ San Jose Police, Fire
✓ Santa Cruz Fire
✓ Seattle Police, Fire, EMS
✓ Sedona Fire
✓ South Carolina Highway Patrol
✓ St. Louis Police, Fire, EMS
✓ Tampa Police, Fire
✓ Tucson Police, Fire, EMS

You can find a full list of all currently available frequencies at: Available frequencies are subject to change at any time. EdgeRift, Inc. does not own/operate all frequencies. All frequency content is provided freely by third parties.

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