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Description Check out Relax Alarm Clock PRO now. The price has just been reduced!!

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Tired of waking up to the frightening sound of a traditional alarm? Want a peaceful break from your busy schedule or work day? Use your iPhone to create a soothing ambiance environment when you wake up, throughout your day, and when you fall asleep.
Standard Features:
✓ WAKE UP GENTLY to sounds of nature, instruments - even record your own.
✓ RELAX and FALL ASLEEP by selecting your sound and setting the timer.
✓ Choose from 12 sounds of nature, instruments, and other soothing sounds.
✓ 4 Clock screen designs

Upgradable Features:
✓ Alarm Snooze – Tap the screen to grab 1 to 59 more minutes of sleep.
✓ iPod Library – Wake up and fall asleep to your library of songs.
✓ Dimmer – Reduce the brightness of the clock screen.
✓ Weather – Get a quick look at weather conditions as well as the 5 day forecast.
✓ Stock Ticker – Get a quick look at your stocks before getting out of bed.
✓ Additional Sound Packs – Choose from 6 different sound packs with a variety of great sounds to wake and relax to.

Match your mood with any of these 14 sounds included in the app, then upgrade to get more:
• Acoustic Guitar
• Bamboo Flute
• Birds in the City
• Child Laughing
• Crickets and Birds
• Fiddle
• Lullaby
• Piano Soul
• Singing Tibetan Bowl
• Thunderstorm
• White Noise
• Wind Chimes
• Wind in the Trees


If you have *any* problems with Relax Alarm Pro, our support staff are waiting to help you resolve the problem. Please email us directly at As you will read in the app reviews, our support staff are top notch people and respond quickly to your questions and/or problems.


1. We recommend that you keep your iPhone/iPod Touch plugged into a power source at night. However, if you must run on battery, please press the standby button (at the top of your device) to turn off the screen to save power. As long as Relax Alarm is running (see #1 above) the alarm will sound whether the screen is on or off.

2. Relax Alarm, like any other app on the App Store, cannot run in the background. So Relax Alarm must be running for you to listen to Relax sounds or for the alarm to sound.

3. Don't worry, all incoming phone calls, reminders, and other notifications will still appear even with Relax Alarm running.

4. If for any reason you have to reinstall Relax Alarm Pro, don't worry about being charged again for the app. The same is true for any of the upgrade options you purchase. Go ahead and "buy" the upgrade again and if you have already purchased that upgrade option you will be told that you are able to download the upgrade for free.


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