Current Version Version: 2.3
Author William Kuo
Price $1.00
Description *** IMPORTANT *** This app is not compatible with iOS 4.0 Yet - Update is on the way!

"FantasyLens is great fun. The results are surprisingly quite good" - Editor's Pick


Creating fun portraits of your friends and family has never been easier or faster!

With FantasyLens, you can turn anyone into an astronaut, the Mona Lisa, a gigantic jumbotron ad on Times Square, and many more fun choices.

To get started, browse through the photo template gallery and pick one you like.

Next, take a photo with your iPhone's camera (or choose a photo from your iPhone's or iPod's library)

Then align the face so it fits within the cutout region of the template. Just tap the HAND button, then use your fingers to move the photo. Pinch to zoom in or out.

FantasyLens uses the accelerometer to perform rotations. To rotate, hold your iPhone or iPod vertically like you're taking a picture of someone in front of you, then tap the ROTATE button and rotate your iPhone or iPod. As your device rotates, your picture is held in place by the direction of gravity. When you're done with rotation, tap the ROTATE button again.

Once alignment is the way you want it, use the color controls to match and blend the colors seamlessly. You can also let FantasyLens do the color matching for you by touching the MAGIC WAND button.


✓ Automatic color and skin tone matching
✓ Five sliders for precise color control
✓ 39 fun photo templates to choose from (more in future updates)
✓ No network connection required
✓ Works on both iPhone and iPod touch

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