Current Version Version: 1.6.1
Author Cooliris, Inc
Price Free
Description All your favorite content in one place. Cooliris for iPhone is simply the fastest way to find, consume, and share photos, videos and news on your iPhone. Content is displayed on a stunning, endlessly streaming Cooliris Wall, and lets you easily search across YouTube, Google, Flickr, Picasa, deviantART, Yahoo, and more. You can watch music videos and TV shows, or catch up on Twitter with just the flick of a finger. If you find something cool, whether it is single photo/video or an entire stream of content, save it to your Cooliris Favorites to re-visit, or share it with your friends via Email or Twitter. OS 3.1.3 Tested Cooliris | Discover More Brought to by the developers of the popular Cooliris browser addon (, Cooliris for iphone is your mini wall on-the-go. Got an iPad? Also check out Discover by Cooliris to explore Wikipedia like a beautiful magazine. See FEATURES OF COOLIRIS FOR iPHONE • The Cooliris Wall makes finding and viewing the best content easy and fun • Find Photos, Watch Videos, Read News, or View Twitter Timelines: stay on top of the latest current events, updated in real time as they happen • Twitter Integration - "Tweet" or "Re-Tweet" your favorite content directly from the Wall or "Follow" new people • Access your Cooliris "Favorites" - View, Add and Remove media on-the-go (to sign up for an account, please go to • Favorite and save any Wall, whether it is a search or stream of content • Subscribe to Media RSS feeds on your Wall, or launch any Media RSS feed from Safari using cooliris:// (Try cooliris:// • Save interesting content straight to your device - check out our Wallpaper Channel INTERACTIONS • 1-Finger Swipe - Scroll the Wall • Pinch / Expand Wall - Zoom in/out • Single Tap - Select Media or go full screen • Tilt Wall - Scroll the Wall by tilting the device left or right • Click the "Home" Button - Show the main menu • Click the "Twitter" Icon - "Tweet" or "Retweet" content upon account login • Click the Metadata/Caption of a Tweet - Follow this Twitter user • Click the "Star" Icon - Add/remove this content to your Cooliris Favorites or subscribe to a Wall/feed (revisit it via Cooliris Favorites) • Click on the "Save" Icon - Save images to your photo roll • Click the "Envelope" Icon - Share media via the default Mail Client • Click the "i" Info icon - Shows/hides the metadata/caption panel • Click the Metadata/Caption in Channels, Searches, and Feeds - Opens the containing page web page without leaving Cooliris Please send feedback and questions to

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