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Description FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: marcussatellite ALSO BY MARCUS SATELLITE: *"SmackTalk! Holiday" is now on the App Store! Your favorite characters are all dressed up for the Holidays. *PupTalk! is now on the App Store! The cutest puppies in the world talk back to you. ** No matter what You say SmackTalk! can say it back--from Freaky to Squeaky. SmackTalk! is the original voice-altering app that features an animated guinea pig, puppy, kitten, and chihuahua that repeat what you say in high-pitched squeaky and now low-pitched freaky voices *in real-time* for hours of hilarious laughter. Works in every language! IMPORTANT NOTE FOR 2nd GEN IPOD TOUCH USERS: SmackTalk! will not work without a microphone. If SmackTalk! appears unresponsive it's because YOU NEED TO PLUG IN "EARPHONES WITH REMOTE AND MICROPOHONE"! These are sold separately. -------------------------------------- Check out some of our customer reviews: * Once you start laughing you can't stop because then you begin laughing at the sound of your laugh! Funniest app I've ever had. You must get it! * I ran the app in a room full of adults who proceeded to laugh so hard we cried! This was OUTSTANDING! HYSTERICAL!!!! * My 3 year old laughed so hard he started to cry. This will be a top 10 app for sure!!! * This has to be the funniest App ever. It is worth twice the price just to see every one of my colleagues' faces when I turned it on in the middle of a meeting. * This is a great application! Fun for the family, for work, you name it. This will give you laugh after laugh. HIghly recommend it! * My kid loves this! I haven't seen her laugh so much EVER! It's just hilarious. -------------------------------------- SmackTalk! always sets off a chain reaction of laughter. The animation and lip-sync are so responsive you'd swear they're alive. See our website for a 50 second video clip of children playing with SmackTalk! -------------------------------------- SmackTalk! is easy to use: TALK: SmackTalk! records until you stop talking, then talks back TAP: Show/Hide buttons. Buttons are always active--even when you hide them. Surprise your friends! DOUBLE-TAP: Toggle the Pinch Mode to be Pitch or Speed PINCH: Pinch IN or OUT to RAISE or LOWER the PITCH or SPEED in REAL-TIME! TAP A TRIGGER: Instantly PLAYs a Trigger. HOLD A TRIGGER: Record after the beep as LONG AS YOU WANT. Don't let go until you're done recording. Try recording your Boss at a long meeting, or an entire episode of your favorite Talk Show. HOLD "RECORD NOW": Instantly starts Recording your Voice for up to 6 seconds--don't let go until you're done recording. Instantly PLAYS when you let go. Use in loud rooms, or when you're reciting poetry. TAP: "SAY AGAIN": Instantly plays the last thing you recorded.