Current Version Version: 1.0.30
Author Concrete Software, Inc.
Price $1.00
Description You are king of the ANTS - feeding, squishing, burning, marching, pulling, exploding, fighting, moving, and racing your ants! ♦♦♦ REVIEWS ♦♦♦ "There is just some sort of joy you get from squashing ants for an hour straight." M. Carattini, AppVee "Pocket Ants is a fun game that reminds me of Pocket God." Zym, ZYMblog "Pocket Ants, a simulation game from Concrete Software, takes you back to those days of childish experimentation." T. Mercer, Macworld "The graphics are nice and the ants are pretty realistic. I even briefly feel sorry for the black ones that scream in anguish when the random red ants start to chase and attack them." J. Beam, AppCraver "My favorite feature in this game is the race. Just select whether to race for stones or strawberries. This will pit the red ants and black ants against one another in a direct head-to-head competition..." D. Goldring, Just Another Mobile Monday "We love Pocket Ants!" Overall: 4.5/5 TheMacFeed "For devilish fun, watch them scramble away, burning in fire." Overall: 4.5/5 iphonetech78, Serious iPhone Apps Reviews "The graphics and sounds are realistic enough to make you believe that you are squashing or burning live ants. This application is a perfect time waster." Victor, iPhone Footprint "The animations are great, bringing a slight tinge of revulsion when the ants swarm out of their mound." B. Miller, 148Apps Thank you for all the support and great reviews! We appreciate all of the update ideas from our Pocket Ants community! ♦♦♦ FEATURES ♦♦♦ • Use the storm to electrocute and drown ants! • Use the fan to blow ants into your traps! • Use a laser to zap ants! • Use a flame thrower to torch ants! • Use a firecracker to blow up ants! • Use magnifying glass to burn ants! • Use ant mines to blow up the ants. • Use the ant magnet to collect and move the ants. • Drop rocks on ants. • Feed the ants strawberries. • Use magnet to pull ants around. • Have the ants move their home. • Draw a path for the ants to follow. • Race the ants. • Add more or less ants. • Set red and black ant aggressiveness. • Set percentage of black/red ants. • Tilt the screen to move objects. • Realistic sound effects. • Ants sprawl out in open areas, or take cover under shady plant life. • Ants like a clean home and move rocks. ♦♦♦ UPCOMING/FEEDBACK ♦♦♦ • SPIDERS! • More interaction with water ♦♦♦ MORE GAMES ♦♦♦ Nintaii 3D Lawn Darts Doodle Balloons Unit Converter Calculator To-Do List Pro Fast Food Calorie Counter Currency Exchange Rates PDF Word Excel File Viewer Spell Checker Weight Loss Tracker Top 10 List ♦♦♦ FOLLOW US ♦♦♦ Twitter: Facebook: Web: YouTube:

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