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Description Get 3 hours of Video and a 92 page horse training book in one app! Filmed in High Definition, horsebook contains over 218 minutes of quality video footage, including: * Roundpen Training * Catching any horse * Groundwork exercises * Effective communication with your horse * How to Gain Trust and Respect from your horse * Circling exercises to teach communication * Teaching your horse to pay Attention at all times * Leading to teach your horse to stay out of your personal space * Tips on getting any horse to trailer load Each video exercise is laid out with simple yet detailed explanations giving you the step-by-step instructions you need. Learn what to expect from your horse and how to build a safe, trusting relationship. Plus get an hour and a half of riding videos: * Basic exercises to do with your horse in the saddle * Intermediate techniques like shoulder-in and side-passing * Beginning bareback riding Eric Bravo has developed a unique approach to communicating with horses and getting trust and respect from them. And he's going to teach it to you step-by-step in 8 video lessons and 9 book chapters. * Specially designed for iPad * Videos are self-contained-no downloading required once installed * Filmed in real time with many untrained horses-see the mistakes horses go through and how to deal with them. * Eric describes mistakes he sees horse owners go through- and tells you what not to do. * Learn the Natural Horsemanship philosophy * 3 hours of video plus 92 pages of text Available for a fraction of the cost you'd pay for horse training videos elsewhere.

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