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Description **** NOTE: If you are upgrading, delete the old version before installing, otherwise you will still see last year's lineup. ****

2010 Official Coachella iPhone App

The 2010 update to the Official Coachella iPhone App includes cool new features and enhancements to existing functionality:

*** New Features ***

- Improved Map System
- Forum Browser
- Simplified Friend Finding
- Simplified Registration
- Mark Your Parking Spot
- Combined Coachooser and Lineup
- Offline, Interactive Map Cacheing

* The map system has been optimized and will now work even when you have no internet or phone connection. It also shows a satellite view of the venue.

* A new feature which allows you to mark your parking spot has been added to the map. A "Mark Parking" button will display once you click Show Me in the interactive map.

* It is now easier to register and find friends. To register simply enter you email address and name. You will receive a confirmation email once you register. Just click the link and you can begin adding friends and uploading photos. Add friends using their email address.

* The lineup and Coachooser have been combined into one page, instead of two. Choices are shown by clicking the Coachooser button on the main screen. A countdown to Coachella now shows at the top of the screen.

To add friends and use the interactive map, you will need to verify your email address.

PLEASE NOTE: The stage selection feature and set time display will not work until the actual set times are announced. As soon as they are live on all you have to do is launch the application and as long as you have internet access they will automatically update.