Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Riverfold
Price $10.00
Description Tweet Library -- the advanced Twitter app with archiving, collections, and filters. If you have ever wished that you could find an old tweet after it fell out of the Twitter search index, Tweet Library was designed for you. Tweet Library keeps a local searchable archive of your own tweets, favorites, and retweets so that you can find important tweets later. It adds collections so that you can curate your timeline by organizing related tweets together. And it includes custom filters to automatically group or hide tweets. Features: * Download up to 3000 of your own tweets on first launch so that you have a personal archive on your iPad. * Search across your own tweets, favorites, and retweets. * Filter by date with the calendar to find old tweets. * Organize tweets into collections around events or topics. * Publish your collections to to share with friends. * Create filters to view matching tweets or hide them from your timeline. * Export your archive, timeline, or collections to a text file for saving to your Mac or PC. And Tweet Library is also a great Twitter client: * Multiple accounts. * Posting, replies, and direct messages. * Conversation view. * Inline pictures and a quick browser window. * Saved searches and lists. * Username search while composing tweets. * Instapaper and TextExpander support. * Full interface in both portrait and landscape orientations. Click the web site link for more documentation, frequently asked questions, and a screencast video. Questions or feedback? Email