Current Version Version: 3.0 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)
Author Fullpower Technologies, Inc.
Price $3.00
Description Featured in Apple???s TV commercial!

??????????????? Gizmodo: ???Best game for the iPhone???
??????????????? Voted TidBITS Top 3 game
??????????????? Editor???s Choice award,

MotionX-Poker is an addictive fast-paced poker game, played with realistic, beautifully rendered dice instead of cards. Use MotionX's ShakeShake??? technology to feel how MotionX puts the best dice on the iPhone and iPod touch in the palm of your hand! The physics and sounds of the dice collisions are incredibly realistic and amazing to watch. Play against the dealer to build your bank roll of gold coins to unlock new tables and gems! Roll Five of a Kind and your reward is a new set of dice!

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal calls it ???mesmerizing because it makes full use of the iPhone.???

Macworld calls it ???a clever and beguilingly addicting dice game for the iPhone.???


If you like MotionX-Poker, you will love our latest game: MotionX-Poker Quest, the new Egyptian-themed adventure poker dice game with more tables, more dice, and more unlockable treasures! Art of the iPhone calls it ???the perfect game for casual gamers.???

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